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Roundtable with Dr. Metin Gürcan, Security Expert and Columnist

Roundtable with
Dr. Metin Gürcan,
Security Expert and Columnist
December 20, 2016


On December 20, 2016, security expert and columnist Dr. Metin Gürcan addressed GRF members within the framework of the Security Roundtable Meetings Series. Following the opening remarks of GRF member Ambassador (R) Ümit Pamir, Dr. Gürcan delivered a speech entitled “Turkey in a Shifting Security Environment: Opportunities, Trends, and Threats.” In his speech, Dr. Gürcan provided an overview of global factors that restrain security, such as uncertainty, indeterminacy and conflict. Emphasizing the pre-eminence of “chaos-management” as a widely employed security policy, Dr. Gürcan assessed the security risks facing Turkey. He proposed a new model to fight these threats; including a redefinition of conflict regions and the introduction of new warfare techniques and equipment. Upon the completion of his presentation, Dr. Gürcan answered a wide range of questions from the participants.