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Dinner with Sir Michael Moritz, Chairperson of Sequoia Capital

Dinner with
Sir Michael Moritz,
Chairperson of Sequoia Capital
June 23, 2023


On June 23, 2023, Sir Michael Moritz KBE, Chairperson of Sequoia Capital, addressed GRF ve GRF Community members at a dinner organized at Yapı Kredi Korusu, Yeniköy. During the dinner, which also hosted the graduation ceremony of GRF’s Young Fellows Program’s 2022-2023 Term, Sir Michael delivered a speech addressing where the recent developments in technology have brought the world, as well as its political implications. Speaking on the effects of technological advancements during the 20th and 21st century, from the invention of the internet to the standardized shipping container, on international trade, Sir Michael examined how these advancements have shaped international competition. Sir Michael stated that as it stands, the competition between the US and China will continue to deteriorate bilateral relations, and shared with the participants the various opportunities that Sequoia Capital sees within this paradigm. Following his speech, Sir Michael answered the participants’ questions.