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"New Perspectives on Diplomacy" Panel Meeting

"New Perspectives on Diplomacy"
Panel Meeting
May 17, 2021

On May 17, 2021, Dr. Claire Yorke, Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University and GRF Young Academics Graduate; Dr. Alastair Masser, Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London; Ambassador (R) Namık Tan, and GRF President Ambassador (R) Selim Yenel, addressed GRF and GRF Community members at an online panel meeting. Discussing the books ’Contemporary Diplomacy in Action’ and ’A New Theory and Practice of Diplomacy’, published last month under the headline ’New Perspectives on Diplomacy’ and edited by Dr. Yorke and Dr. Masser, the panelists examined the present and future of diplomacy through a theoretical and practical perspective in light of changing values and actors. Assessing the growing role of new technologies, social media and non-state actors in international diplomacy, the panelists touched on the importance of modern diplomacy being multilateral and collaborative. Similarly, the panelists discussed what new types of responsibilities diplomats have when facing these new challenges. Following their speeches, the panelists answered the participants’ questions.