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Luncheon with Sir Jeremy Greenstock Former Special Representative of the UK to Iraq

Luncheon with
Sir Jeremy Greenstock,
Former Special Representative of the UK to Iraq
February 13, 2017


On February 13, 2017, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, former Special Representative of the UK to Iraq and former Permanent Representative of the UK to the UN, addressed GRF and GRF community members at a luncheon organized under the meeting series on the Middle East and North Africa Region. Sir Jeremy began his speech with an overview of the main drivers of instability in the Middle East, stressing poor governance and resistance against globalization in particular. He then assessed the situation in Iraq based on his experience in the country. Before concluding his speech, Sir Jeremy noted that in order to promote stability and growth in the region, we should prioritize security ensured by the rule of law; economies strengthened through employment, trade and investment; and legitimacy acquired through strong institutions rather than individuals. Following his remarks, Sir Jeremy received the participants’ comments and questions.