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GRF Roundtable Series on “Higher Education” Prof. Hasan Mandal, Council on Higher Education (YÖK) Executive Board Member

GRF Roundtable Series on “Higher Education”  
Guest Speaker: Prof. Hasan Mandal
Council on Higher Education (YÖK) Executive Board Member
April 27, 2016


On April 27th, GRF held the third meeting of the Roundtable Series on “Higher Education” where Prof. Hasan Mandal, Executive Board Member of the Council on Higher Education (YÖK), addressed GRF members and a group of GRF Community members. In his presentation entitled “The Evaluation of the Turkish Higher Education and Research Ecosystem within the Global Competitive Context,” Prof. Mandal assessed the management of technology in Turkey as well as the role of the Turkish higher education system in a global context where cooperation for the production, transfer and use of knowledge is increasing. Prof. Mandal stressed that in order for technological research and development to be reflected on production processes and commercial value, multi-layered institutions should be established and put in cooperation with each other. Prof. Mandal then elaborated on Turkey’s short-term objectives as well as its ultimate aim, which is to establish a higher education system that suits its fast-growing economy and upholds the principles of diversity, competition, and autonomy. Following his presentation, Prof. Mandal answered a wide array of questions addressed by the participants.