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Young Scholars (2017)


Can Akdere Columbia University  Mechanical Engineering
Mehmet Efe Akengin  MIT  Computer Engineering & Political Science 
Sinan Anbarcıoğlu  Berlin Freie University  Political Science 
Kaan Armağan  Harvard University  Economics 
Atakan Baltacı  Princeton University  International and Public Relations 
Selin Batıtürk  Boğaziçi University  Political Science and International Relations & Business Management
Beste Kaygısız  Wellesley University  Economics & Maths
Ayşe Obalı  Boğaziçi University  Political Science and International Relations & Sociology 
Mehmet Giray Öğüt  Boğaziçi University  Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Economics 
Nur Sevencan  Wellesley University  Economics
Metincan Suran  Yale University  Global Affairs
Furkan Saygın Şener  Boğaziçi University Economics & Political Science and International Relations 
Elif Temel  Koç University  Industrial Engineering & Economics
Bedel Türker  Harvard University  Social Sciences 

Guest Speakers

Prof. Ahmet Acar  "Higher Education in Turkey and Research Methodology"
Metin Fadıllıoğlu Q&A
Ambassador (R) Sönmez Köksal  "Security and Technology" 
Ambassador (R) Özdem Sanberk "The Structural Problems of Turkish Foreign Policy"
Dr. Deniz Yuret  "The Deep Learning Revolution" 

Discussion Panel Literature

"The Rhetoric of Economics" - Deidre McCloskey

"Politics Against Domination" - Ian Shapiro

"Who Gets What and Why?" -  Alvin Roth

"War by Other Means" - Robert Blackwill & Jennifer Harris