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GRF Special Reports

GRF Special Reports are aimed at examining the discourse regarding important global issues through structural and contemporary frameworks, as well as developing long-term viewpoints and policy suggestions for Turkey.

GRF Special Reports are authored by GRF Members, GRF staff members, individuals who have completed GRF Community programs, or a Working Committee comprised of any of the above. The author(s) writes these reports within a year with the help of an advisory committee. The Advisory Committee is typically involves GRF Members and/or experts with knowledge of the subject, and provide guidence as well as feedback on the report draft, but are not expected to be signatories of the report.

Once completed, the reports are then published and made available on the GRF website.

Roadmap for Turkey - European Union Relations, 2021

COVID-19’un Küresel Eğilimlere Etkisi: Küreselleşme, İstihdam ve Çevre Politikaları, 2020

Otomasyon, İş Gücü Piyasalarının Evrimi, Sosyal İstikrarın Sürdürülebilirliği, 2019