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GRF Young Scholars 2012 Term

GRF Young Scholars 

2012 Term

GRF Young Scholars kicked off its 2012 term seminars with an introductory meeting followed by a group dinner on November 23 at Koç University’s İstinye Campus.

Selected through a vigorous application and interview process, 17 students from Bosphorus University, Galatasaray University, Istanbul Technical University, Koç University and Sabancı University have been invited to join the GRF Young Scholars seminar program, launched in 2010 and currently at its 3rd group.

Led by GRF President Mr. Memduh Karakullukçu and the GRF executive staff, the seminars will run until May 2012, encompassing approximately 15 meetings. Diverse in their personal backgrounds, academic and intellectual interests, professional aspirations and worldviews, the participants are united in their aspiration to cultivate the analytical skills required to comprehend the dynamics behind the main trends and issues of our world and to prescribe creative and constructive policy recommendations.

Each seminar will deal with issues of relevance to Turkey and to the world and will be attended by guest speakers with special expertise in the issue from among GRF members - politicians, ambassadors, academics, members of the armed forces, artists, people from the legal and business worlds, as well as bureaucrats. Students will thus interact directly with people who have played and continue playing a role in the shaping of international affairs.

Through Young Scholars Seminars, GRF hopes to contribute to the intellectual development as well as social networking of talented and motivated students in Turkey who will no doubt be tomorrow’s global leaders.

GRF Young Scholars Seminar, 2012 Term: (in order to appearance in photos below): Burak Yavuz, Reyhan Ayas, Çağatay Oğuzhan Aytoğu, Serkan Güven, Bilgenur Baloğlu, Erdem Altay, Zeynep Erdemir, Müge Dalkıran, Semuhi Sinanoğlu, Sıla Bozok, Emre Kudatgobilik, Nazlı Mergen, Olgu Alduran, Zübeyde Ece Kural, Kemal Acer, Gökçen Karaman, Ali Oskar Elerman.