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Global Relations Forum - Ankara Policy Center Panel Meeting: "Global South and West"

Global Relations Forum - Ankara Policy Center
Panel Meeting
"Global South and West"
September 20, 2023


On September 20, 2023, Prof. Atul Kohli, Professor of International Affairs at Princeton University, and Asst. Prof. Emre Demir, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations at TED University, addressed GRF, GRF Community and Ankara Policy Center (APC) members at a joint panel organized by Global Relations Forum and APC. Speaking on the changing geopolitical dynamics and meaning of ’the Global South’, the panelists discussed how the recent newer groupings of countries with the aim of providing an alternative to traditional international organizations in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can affect the global balance. The panelists stated that as a consequence of the intensifying US - China rivalry, ’middle powers’ are now entering into a period of both increased maneuverability and opportunity, but also of greater danger. Following their speeches, the panelists answered the participants’ questions.