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Global Economy and Turkey Series

Past Meetings

Looking Ahead to 2024: The Turkish Economy in the Framework of Global Developments Panel Meeting
Online Meeting with Istanbul Economics Research & Consultancy General Manager Can Selçuki
GRF Panel Meeting on the Economy: "Will the Global Storm Turn Into a Hurricane in Turkey?"
Roundtable Meeting with Prof. Ufuk Akçiğit, Professor of Economics at University of Chicago
Turkey’s Economy and Monetary Policy in 2022 Panel Meeting
Online Meeting with Dr. Simon Quijano-Evans, Chief Economist at GEMCORP Capital
Online Meeting with EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) Managing Director for Turkey Arvid Tuerkner and EBRD Lead Regional Economist Roger Kelly
Online Meeting with Prof. Hakan Kara, Former Chief Economist of the Turkish Central Bank
Online Meeting with Auguste Tano Kouamé, World Bank Country Director for Turkey
Online Meeting with Prof. Erinç Yeldan, Dean of Bilkent University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Columnist for Cumhuriyet
Roundtable Meeting with Mr. Tayfun Bayazıt, Founder & President of Bayazıt Management and Consulting Services
Roundtable with Prof. Paul Collier, Director of the Research Development Department of the World Bank (F) and Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government
Roundtable Meeting with Prof. Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Dinner with Dr. Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank (F)
Roundtable Meeting with Prof. Erol Taymaz, Professor of Economics at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ)
Roundtable Meeting with Prof. Burak Saltoğlu, Professor of Economics at Boğaziçi University
Roundtable Meeting with Prof. Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Roundtable with Prof. Carmine Difiglio, Director of Sabancı University’s Istanbul International Centre for Energy and Climate
Roundtable with Ambassador Mithat Rende, former Permanent Representative of Turkey to the OECD and former Chairman of the OECD Executive Committee