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Food for Thought


GRF Member Prof. Orhan Güvenen has Received the "Gusi Peace Prize" -

GRF Member; Prof. Orhan Güvenen, Professor of Econometrics at Bilkent University and Former Undersecretary of State Planning Organization has recently received the “Gusi Peace Prize”.


The main objective of the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, based in Philippines,  is “to give proper recognition through the conferment of awards of excellence and distinction to individuals or groups worldwide who have distinguished themselves as brilliant exemplars of society or who contributed toward the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity.”


The Gusi Peace Prize Phillippine and International Committees awarded the 2013 Gusi Peace Prize to Prof. Orhan Güvenen “for his untiring efforts, working for people’s amelioration, to find peaceful solutions for people’s welfare through Academy and Diplomacy.”