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Open Position: Internship


Global Relations Forum (GRF) has started accepting applications for full-time and part-time internships for the year 2024.


 Interns will be actively involved in the following tasks:

• Providing organizational support for events and activities.
• Assisting in the compilation of GRF viewpoints, policy analyses, reports, and presentations.
• Drafting meeting notes, preparing concise meeting summaries and presentations.
• Drafting internal and external correspondence of GRF.
• Assisting in the preparation and editing of academic papers and articles.
• Supporting the planning and execution of GRF’s community programs, including Young Fellows / Young Professionals / Young Academics initiatives.
• Collaborating on the management of GRF’s website and social media channels, including content creation and social media monitoring.
• Monitoring international media to identify significant events and global trends.
• Contributing content to GRF’s monthly newsletter.


We’re looking for candidates who bring the following skills and attributes to the table:

• Genuine interest, curiosity, and knowledge in areas such as foreign policy, diplomacy, international relations, the global economy, world affairs, and broader global issues.
• Planning a career in civil society, academia, diplomacy, and fields related to foreign policy.
• Open-minded, with a thirst for research and learning, coupled with an innovative perspective.
• Highly responsible, adept at time management, project tracking, and meeting deadlines/reporting.
• Strong communication skills, both as an effective team player and a solo contributor.
• Team-oriented, equipped with problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities.
• Strong coordination, organizational, and operational skills.
• Proficient in using MS Office programs.
• Currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a leading Turkish university, ideally with a background in economics, business, engineering, finance, public administration, political science, international relations, sociology, or a related field.
• Fluent in both Turkish and English, demonstrating proficiency in verbal and written communication.
• Adept at adhering to spelling and grammar rules, with the ability to express oneself clearly and comprehensibly in writing.
• Possesses strong research, reporting, and presentation skills, capable of conducting research and preparing reports in both Turkish and English. • Successful track record in communication, organization, and leadership.
• Familiarity with design tools like Canva, Adobe, and Indesign is a plus.
• Preference given to candidates with previous international experience, whether through education, exchange programs, internships, etc.

Application deadline: January 5, 2024, Friday.

English resumes (CV) and cover letters should be sent to and

Monthly salary and daily meal card will be provided to both part-time and full-time interns. This is a hybrid position. The office is located in Levent/Istanbul. Due to the high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

About GRF

Global Relations Forum (GRF) is an independent, non-profit membership association committed to being a platform for engaging, informing and stimulating its members and all interested individuals in all matters related to international affairs and global issues.

GRF was founded in 2009 with the enthusiastic support of 40 accomplished Turkish men and women who have assumed prominent roles in international fora and have received international recognition for their efforts throughout their careers. The founding members include former secretaries of state, university presidents, members of the armed forces, central bank governors, ECHR justice and retired ambassadors as well as leading business leaders, scholars, artists, and journalists.

GRF intends to advance a culture that rewards the fertile tension between passion for intellectual diversity and dedication to innovative and objective synthesis. It nurtures uninhibited curiosity, analytic inquiry, rational debate and constructive demeanor as the elemental constituents in all its endeavors. It contributes to the shared understanding of and aspiration for humanity’s path to peace, prosperity and progress as an accessible, inclusive and fair process for all.

GRF does this in a variety of ways: by sponsoring Task Forces and policy reports; by convening meetings with prominent global leaders; by organizing roundtables with experts; and by fostering cooperation with global counterparts as well as through its community programs. GRF also sees its website,, as a vibrant forum towards achieving its goals.