Past Events
Past Events
GRF Young Global Program Second Meeting

GRF Young Global Program Second Meeting
May 6-8, 2016


The second meeting of Global Relations Forum’s Young Global program took place on May 6-8, 2016, at the Baksi Museum in Bayburt. Young Global is a GRF community program designed to motivate its participants to systematically think about possible paths of fundamental change over very long time horizons. The ultimate goal of the program is to identify norms, values, and structures that can and should survive two hundred years of intense change that seems to lie ahead of us, and to jointly draft a document on these values. 

During the second meeting of the program at Baksi Museum, a group of young thinkers composed of GRF Young Scholars Program graduates endeavored to “unbundle” the constituents of the institutions/social constructs of private property, family, and media and to imagine future alterations in their structures and features. The inaugural meeting of the program had taken place on April 17-19, 2015 at MIT’s Endicott House in Massachusetts, USA, and concentrated on the notions of war, city, money, and crime. 

Upon the completion of another “unbundling” session that will take place in Europe, the program will be concluded with a “values and structures” meeting, where the document containing constructs that will potentially and hopefully endure 200 years of technological, social and cultural transformations will be drafted.


The participants of the second meeting are listed below:

Ayberk Arseven

Nazlı Azergün

Utku Cansu

Seran Çavdar

Senem Çilingiroğlu

Yusufcan Demirkan

Nur Banu Özkut

Miray Palaz

Semuhi Sinanoğlu

Arda Can Tekin

Lale Tekişalp

Mithan Can Ulubay