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Rule of Law Task Force Roadmap Meeting

Rule of Law Task Force
Roadmap Meeting
April 2, 2016


On April 2, 2016, GRF organized a meeting for laying out the roadmap for the Task Force on the Rule of Law. The preliminary steps for initiating a GRF study on the rule of law were taken with the launch of the “Rule of Law, Institutions and Global Development Roundtable Meeting Series” in November 2014.

As the Rule of Law Task Force will be the first GRF study to be conducted by young legal professionals and supervised by GRF members, the roadmap meeting sought to bring together young lawyers to discuss what a well-functioning legal system should look like, which policy options are available to Turkey for remedying the deficiencies in its legal system, as well as the scope and working method a GRF Task Force to address the issue.

During the meeting, GRF Vice-Chairman and President Memduh Karakullukçu and Global Civics Academy President Hakan Altınay guided the discussions which were based on three young lawyers’ presentations comparing the Turkish legal system to that of the US, Germany and the UK respectively.

The Rule of Law Task Force is planned to be launched later this year after further consultations with young professionals and GRF members.