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Roundtable with Mr. Cengiz Çandar, Journalist and Writer

Roundtable with Mr. Cengiz Çandar
Journalist and Writer
February 22, 2016


On February 22, 2016, Mr. Cengiz Çandar, journalist and writer, addressed GRF members and a group of GRF Community members at a roundtable organized under the Middle East and North Africa Roundtable Series. In his speech, Mr. Cengiz Çandar argued that the lack of an efficient and sustainable substitute for the collapsed state system in the Middle East brought up, once again, the question of border change. He highlighted the readjustment of the regional balance of power, as following the shale revolution, the US started to shift its focus to the Pacific. He noted that, although regional actors increased their clout since WWI, we might be entering a period where order will be determined in the light of the emerging balance of power between major actors. Following his speech, Mr. Çandar received a wide range of questions from the participants.