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Roundtable with Dr. Ali Vaez, Senior Analyst on Iran, the International Crisis Group (ICG)

Roundtable with Dr. Ali Vaez
Senior Analyst on Iran,
the International Crisis Group (ICG)
January 6, 2015


International Crisis Group (ICG)’s Senior Analyst on Iran, Dr. Ali Vaez, convened with GRF members and a group of GRF Community members at a Roundtable on January 6, 2015. During his speech entitled “Iran Nuclear Talks: The State of Play”, Dr. Vaez addressed various aspects of the nuclear  negotiations between Iran and P5+1, including but not limited to procedural problems, conceptual issues and the prospects of reaching a final deal in 2015 as scheduled. After elaborating on the differences of the US and Iran in terms of red lines, public opinion and the implications of the negotiation process for domestic politics as well as relations with allies, Dr. Vaez highlighted that the negotiations have not reached a dead-end, and that there is room for finding a common ground between the two sides. Following his speech, Dr. Vaez received a wide range of questions from the participants.