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Roundtable with Mrs. Peggy Dulany, Chair of the Synergos Institute

Roundtable with Mrs. Peggy Dulany
Chair of The Synergos Institute
March 17, 2014


Mrs. Peggy Dulany, Founder and Chair of The Synergos Institute, convened with GRF members at a Roundtable on March 17, 2014. Synergos is a global nonprofit organization which was established in 1986 to contribute to tackle the complex problems of poverty and inequality by enhancing collaboration among  government, business leaders and civil society. In her presentation titled “Philanthropy, consensus-building and global challenges”, Mrs. Dulany  addressed  the issues of contemporary leadership models, demographic trends as well as the importance of social capital and network building. Following her presentation, Mrs. Dulany received a wide range of questions from GRF Members.