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Roundtable with Mr. Geoffrey Aronson, Director of Foundation for Middle East Peace

GRF Roundtable with Mr. Geoffrey Aronson
Director of Foundation for Middle East Peace
November 20, 2012


On November 20th, Mr. Geoffrey Aronson, the Director of Research and Publications at the Foundation for Middle East Peace convened with ‘Turkey’s Approach to Security in the 21st Century’ Task Force and GRF members within the framework of Roundtable Series on “Security”. During his speech, Mr. Aronson gave an overview on key findings and recommendations of their independent Study Group report titled “U.S. Policy in a Time of Transition: Ending Occupation, Enhancing Israel’s Security and Realizing Palestinian Sovereignity”, highlighting the issue of sovereignity for both Israel and Palestine as well as security interests of all parties inclusing the US. Following his speech in which he also focused on the current events evolving in the region, Mr. Aronson received a wide range of questions from GRF and Task Force members.