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GRF Young Professionals Program 2014-2015 Term 4th Meeting

GRF Young Professionals Program
2014-2015 Term 4th Meeting

The GRF Young Professionals Program, held its 4th and final meeting of the 2015 term, on December 5, 2015, at the Conrad Hotel, Istanbul.

The main theme of the meeting was “the Future of State: East-West Competition, Empowered Individual and Weakened States”. In their presentations, the three participants used a book that they selected with the GRF team as a guiding line.

A discussion panel was held after each presentation, so as to place the main arguments of each book on the broader picture, i.e. the systemic level. 

The presenters used the following books as a starting point in approaching their selected topics:

Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-first Century – Philip Bobbitt

Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages – Saskia Sassen

Disruptive Power: The Crisis of the State in the Digital Age – Taylor Owen