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GRF Young Professionals Program 2018 – 2019 Term Second Meetings

GRF Young Professionals Program
2018 – 2019 Term
Second Meetings


The second round of meetings of the 2018 – 2019 term of the GRF Young Professionals Program, which aims to provide a platform for young professionals who are equipped with the resolve, background, and experience to contribute to the future of Turkey and the world, were held on February 9, 2019 and February 16, 2019 at Koç Pera.

The theme of the 2018 – 2019 GRF Young Professionals Program was designated as “Technology”. The discussions and presentations of this second round of meetings were organized around two main topics: “Neuroscience” and “CRISPR”.

The presenters used the following books as reference points in addressing their selected topics:


• Minds, Brains and Law: The Conceptual Foundations of Law and Neuroscience – Dennis Patterson ve Michael S. Pardo* (Group A)
• Touching a Nerve – Patricia Churchland (Group A)
• Constitution 3.0 (3. Bölüm: The Future of Neurolaw) – Brookings Institution (Group A)

• The Future of the Brain – eds. Gary Marcus, Jeremy Freeman* (Group B)
• The Consciousness Instinct: Unraveling the Mystery of How the Brain Makes the Mind – Michael Gazzaniga (Group B)


• A Crack in Creation: The New Power to Control Evolution – Jennifer Doudna ve Samuel H. Sternberg*
• Modern Prometheus – James Kozubek
• Consititution 3.0 (Part 4: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Constitutional Personhood) – Brookings Institution


Books marked “ * ” have been used as primary resources.