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GRF Young Professionals Program 2018-2019 Term Inaugural Meeting

GRF Young Professionals Program
2018-2019 Term
Inaugural Meeting


The first meeting of the 2018-2019 term of GRF Young Professionals Program, which aims to provide a platform for young professionals equipped with the resolve, background, and experience to contribute to the future of the world and of Turkey, was held on October 2nd, 2018.

Throughout the program, selected participants will focus on understanding global systemic issues and evaluating Turkey’s priorities within this global framework. The intellectual capital accumulation resulting from this program will hopefully make a valuable contribution to national and global policy debates in the coming decades.

Change, to a large extent but not exclusively led by technology, incessantly modifies the context of policy analysis and renders most policy prescriptions outdated or short-lived. Developing policies that are not easily frustrated by such frequent shifts in the global context is a new and overwhelming challenge for the policy community.

Accordingly, the participants of this year’s GRF Young Professionals Program will be discussing various aspects of the growing predominance of technology.

Due to the consistent increase in attention and the number of qualified applications, the participation rate in our program has increased compared to previous years. For this reason, the 2018-2019 term of the program will take place in two groups.

For more detailed information on the selected candidates for the 2018-2019 term of GRF Young Professionals Program participants, please click here.

List of participants: 

• Eftal Efeçınar Ateş – Turkey Deputy Head of Services & Turkey Communication Manager, Engie
• Duygu Ayas – Associate Legal Counsel, Citi Bank
• Burak Ayken – Corporate Finance Manager, İş Yatırım
• Melda Soymen Bacak – Lawyer & Shareholder, Lebib Yalkın Yayımları ve Basım İşleri
• Yalçın Balcıoğlu – Digital Circuit Design Architect, Maxim Integrated
• Murat Büyümez – Group President, Business Development, Doğan Online
• Gürkan Coşkuner – Group President, Technology & Product,
• Gülşah Çalışkan – Supervisor, Anadolu Sigorta
• Eren Çamlıkaya – Chief Product Officer,
• Büşra Çatır – Corporate Communications Assistant Manager, Kale Group
• Ümit Çetkin – Assistant Manager, Türkiye İş Bankası
• Bengi Turgan Çiftçi – Creative Director, Deloitte
• Serhat Devecioğlu – Manager, İş Yatırım
• Mario Antonio Ebcim – Regional Marketing Manager, Boeing
• Damla Er – Associate Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation
• Hatice Evren – Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group
• Hale Yapıcı Eser – Assistant Professor, Koç University Medical School
• Ali Gökpınar – Humanitarian Affairs Officer, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
• Gizem Göryakın – Consultant, McKinsey
• Evrim Yangın Gül – Engineering & Technical Consultancy Professional, Industrial Development Bank of Turkey
• Bora İkiler – Lawyer, Balcıoğlu Selçuk Akman Keki Attorney Partnership
• Çağlar Kamu – Quantitative Strategies & Arbitrage Manager, İş Yatırım
• Özgecan Korkmaz – Lawyer, Kabine Law Office
• Burak Kuzucu – Sales & Business Development Manager, Oracle
• Erdem Özcan – Group Manager & Product Owner, Siemens
• Oğuzhan Özer – Analyst, Early Bird Venture Capitals
• Özle Türkan Özyurt – Consultant, Bain & Company
• Ecehan Berk Pehlivanoğlu – Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group
• Volkan Sezgin – Senior Economist
• Özhan Şişiç – Head of Global Application Security Services, Sony Global
• Emre Tok – Strategic Planning Manager, Borda Teknoloji
• İlke Tuatay – Project Manager, Trendyol
• Hasan Alper Tüzün – Associate, Norton Rose Fulbright
• Cengiz Ulubaş – Engagement Manager, McKinsey
• Cihangir Ünlütürk – Co-founding Partner, Co-MADE Multidisciplinary Design Studio