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GRF Young Scholars Program Second Round Meetings of the 2018 Term (First Group)

GRF Young Scholars Program
Second Round Meetings of the 2018 Term (First Group)


Due to the consistent increase in attention and the number of qualified applications, the participation rate in our program has increased in capacity compared to previous years. Accordingly the 2018 term of GRF Young Scholars Program, the program for Turkish undergraduate students from the prominent universities of Turkey and the world, has taken place in two groups.

The second round meetings of the 2018 Term’s first group took place on December 28-29-30 at the Robert College.

Throughout the sessions led by GRF Vice-Chairman and President Memduh Karakullukçu, the discussions were based on the articles written by leading academics and intellectuals of the world, and were held with the active as well as sustained participation of the students.

During the remaining sessions, GRF members; Ambassador (R) Sönmez Köksal and Prof. Füsun Türkmen, Professor of International Relations at Galatasaray University, gave presentations and shared their assessments with the participants.

The following books were selected for the “Book Discussion Panels”:

• Life 3.0 – Max Tegmark
• The Enigma of Reason – Dan Sperber & Hugo Mercier
• The Rise and Fall of Nations – Ruchir Sharma
• The Development Dilemma – Robert Bates