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GRF Young Fellows Program 2022-2023 Term Second Meeting

GRF Young Fellows Program

2022-2023 Term

Second Meeting 


 The second meeting of the 2022-2023 term of the GRF Young Fellows Program was held on March 11, 2023, at GRF Office. The program is designed to provide young undergraduate students studying in the most prestigious universities within Turkey and abroad with a platform where they can analyze and discuss global issues in a free, rational and constructive manner. 

Climate Journalist Selin Uğurtaş who served as GRF Program Director between 2016-2019 moderated the first discussion titled “Climate Crisis”. Based on a series of concept such as green washing, clean energy, and carbon footprint which shape the climate world and create disagreements, the participants discussed the risks and benefits of technological developments that could be a solution to the climate crisis for humanity.

GRF Member, Former Permanent Representative to NATO and President of Ankara Policy Center (APM), Ambassador (R) Fatih Ceylan, attended the meeting as a guest speaker. He gave a speech on “The Possible Reflections of Artificial Intelligence Technologies on Security and Defense Fields” and answered questions from the participants.