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GRF Young Academics Program 2021 Term First Stage Meeting

GRF Young Academics Program
2021 Term First Stage Meeting
November, 2021


GRF’s Young Academics Program brings together young academics who are currently pursuing or have recently completed their doctoral studies. The goal of this program is to provide a forum for accomplished young academics to discuss and define long-term policy challenges.

The program aims to culminate in the preparation of a paper authored by the young academic. The paper is then published as part of the “Policy Paper Series” or the “Analysis Paper Series”. While both series are concerned with thorougly analyzing a topic of interest, the former additionally proposes policy recommendations.

The first stage meeting of the GRF Young Academics Program’s 2021 Term was held on November 19-21 in Istanbul.

During the meeting, the participants presented a rough outline of their papers and received constructive feedback from their fellow participants. The participants will be provided a period of three months to incorporate these recommendations into their first drafts. The submission of these initial drafts will be followed by the second stage meetings. At this phase, GRF will convene a different evaluation commission for each participant, tailored specifically for his/her research interests.

Please click here to access the Young Academics Program 2021 Term Handbook. The booklet includes the short biographies and research proposals of our participants.

The following list details the participants of the GRF Young Academics Program’s 2021 group, and the topics of their proposed papers:

Stephen Awoyemi - Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University (CEU)

“Fostering Pro-Conservation Behavior on the Rugged Terrain of Cultural Impediments to Saving Biodiversity, Globally”

Kerem Çelikboya - Ph.D. in Law, Galatasaray University

“Enhancing Creditor Protection through Solvency Test”

İpek Çınar - Ph.D. Student in Political Science, University of Chicago

“Beyond ’mere words’: Rhetorical Stratagems of Democratic Backsliders”

Efe Çötelioğlu - Ph.D. in Finance, Swiss Finance Institute

“Do Mutual Funds and ETFs Affect the Commonality in Liquidity of Corporate Bonds?”

Remi Daniel - Ph.D. Candidate in International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“On asymmetry, realignment, and regional shifts: The last ten years of the Turkish-Israeli relations in perspective”

Fatin Reşat Durukan - Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, University of Paris Panthéon Assas

“Climate lobbying as an action to strengthen relations between the EU and Turkey”

Tuğrul Özdemir - Postdoctoral Neuroscientist, University of Oxford

“The neurobiology of cognitive rigidity and irrational decisions, and its implications in policy circles”

Ogeday Rodop - Ph.D. Candidate in Materials Science and Nano Engineering, Sabancı University

“Towards Sustainable Food Production: Integrated Technologies and Policy Recommendations”

Emily Whalen - Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

“Twilight States: Civil War and the Transformation of the State, 1980-2000”