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GRF Young Academics Program 2013 Term First Stage Meeting

GRF Young Academics Program
January 2013 Term
First Stage Meeting


The first term of GRF Young Academics Program has commenced on January 23rd, 2013, aiming to provide a platform for young academics with strong educational backgrounds to discuss and debate Turkey’s long-term policy deliberations—the basis of GRF’s studies.


Although it is the most recent GRF initiative, a large pool of motivated and qualified applicants led to a challenging selection process. Strict attention was paid to ensure that the proposed policy papers will be sufficiently insightful to make a unique impact on the global agenda as well as on diverse study areas. Common traits of the selected candidates for the program were having a strong theoretical background, being able to focus on the implementation of their ideas, and a willingness to transform their academic analyses into concrete policy recommendations.


At the 1st Stage Meeting of the program held on January 23rd, 2013, selected candidates presented their proposed policy paper’s abstracts to each other followed by a group consultation meeting.


The following list details the selected candidates for GRF Young Academics Program and the topics of their proposed policy papers.

Selected Candidate

PhD Degree

Area of Study

Proposed Topic for the

Policy Paper

Burak Cop

University of Nottingham

Political Science

Electoral System Choices to Enhance the Transition to Democracy in the Middle East

Onur Çobanlı

Humbold-Uni zu Berlin


Turkey in Eurasian Power Games

Deniz Bingöl Mc Donald

Central European University (CEU)

Political Science

Charting the Turbulent Waters of Global Economic Governance: The IMF, EU and Turkey

Funda Üstek

University of Oxford


Employee-based Registration Scheme for Informal Economy: Is it the Future ahead?