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GRF Young Academics Program 2015 Term October Group 1st Stage Meeting

 GRF Young Academics Program
2015 Term October Group
1st Stage Meeting
October 24-25, 2015




GRF’s Young Academics Program was designed to provide a forum for accomplished young academics to discuss and debate long-term policy challenges. With this program, GRF aims to establish an expanding community of young academics who, in their policy deliberations, focus on global systemic issues and place Turkey in this global framework. The intellectual capital accumulation resulting from this program will hopefully make a valuable contribution to national and global policy-making in the coming decades.


This year, the program was divided into two groups due to the rising number of qualified applications. At the first stage meeting of the October Group held on October 24-25, the participants presented their policy papers’ abstracts to their peers as well as GRF community members and received their feedback.

Plese click here to access the 2015 Young Academics Handbook.


The following list details the candidates selected for the GRF Young Academics Program’s October Group and the topics of their proposed policy papers.




Topic of the Policy Paper

François Delerue

European University Institute

Cyber Warfare and International Law

Chris Miller

Yale University

A Eurasian Vector in Turkish Foreign Policy

Çınar Baymul

Oxford University

Perceived Income Inequality and Corruption

Gruia Badescu

Cambridge University

Urban reconstruction and community building in the cases of destroyed cities and cities receiving large numbers of refugees, Urban Flexibility

Pelin Kıvrak

Yale University

Censorship in Turkish Cinema