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GRF Young Academics Program 2015 Term July Group 1st Stage Meeting

GRF Young Academics Program
2015 Term
July Group
1st Stage Meeting
July 20-21, 2015



The first stage meeting of 2015 term of GRF Young Academics Program, designed to provide a forum for accomplished young academics to discuss and debate long-term policy challenges, was held on July 20-21, 2015.


With this program, GRF aims to establish an expanding community of young academics who, in their policy deliberations, focus on global systemic issues and place Turkey in this global framework. The intellectual capital accumulating as a result of this program will hopefully make a valuable contribution to national and global policy-making in the coming decades.


Due to the rising number of qualified applications, the number of participants for this year was raised. Accordingly the participants weredivided to two groups. At the 1st Stage Meeting of the July Group held on July 20-21, 2015, the selected candidates presented their proposed policy papers’ abstracts to the other participants, followed by a group consultation meeting on each individual topic.

Plese click here 
to access the 2015 Young Academics Handbook.


 The following list details the selected candidates for GRF Young Academics Program’s  July Group and the topics of their proposed policy papers. 



PhD Degree

Topic of the Policy Paper

Alexandra Remond

University of Edinburgh

Referendums, a Cure For Political Apathy?

Kerem Tuzcuoğlu

Columbia University

Price fluctuations in commodity prices caused by global demand, supply and commodity-specific shocks

Damla Cihangir Tetik

Sabancı University

Can the  AIIB be an alternative to the World Bank for Turkey ?

Emine Deniz

New York University

Mülkiyet hakları

Kerem Gülay

Cornell Law School

International legal Policy Innovations for Turkey, Trurth Commissions

Quynh Nguyen

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

International Trade and Environmental Protection in Developing Countries