GRF Task Force Reports

Turkey in a Changing Global and Regional Security Environment: Analysis and Recommendations, 2015 Turkish Energy Strategy in the 21st Century: Weathering Uncertainties and Discontinuities, 2013 Turkey-USA Partnership at the Dawn of a New Century, 2011

GRF Track II Study Reports

Exploring the Prospects for Russian-Turkish Cooperation in a Turbulent Neighborhood, GRF & Carnegie Moscow Center, 2014

GRF Young Academics Program Publications

Policy Paper Series

No:8 - Analyzing Global Commodity Prices and Their Pass-through into Turkish Inflation Measures
by Dr. Kerem Tuzcuoğlu
Columbia University, Ph.D. in Economics, 2018
No:7 - Under the Sword of Damocles: Film Censorship in Turkey
by Pelin Kıvrak
Yale University, Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature, 2018
No:6 - Prime Brokerage Business Models
by Dr. Egemen Eren
Stanford University, Ph.D. in Economics
Economist, Bank for International Settlements, 2018
No:5 - State Responses To Cyber Operations
by Dr. François Delerue
European University Institute, Ph.D. in Law, 2017
No:4 - The Russian-Turkish Rapprochement Policy Options for Ankara and its Allies
by Dr. Chris Miller
Yale University, Ph.D. in History, 2016
No:3 - Turkey’s Foreign Policy Towards China, Analysis and Recommendations for Improvement
by Dr. Altay Atlı
Boğaziçi University, Ph.D. in International Relations, 2016
No:2 - Pipeline Partners: Expanding and Securing Iraq’s Future Oil Exports
by Dr. John V. Bowlus
Georgetown University
Ph.D in History, 2015
No:1 - Turkey in the Eurasian Energy Game
by Dr. Onur Çobanlı
Humboldt–Universität zu Berlin, Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science, 2014

Analysis Paper Series

No:2 - Perceived Income Inequality and Corruption
 Dr. Çınar Baymul, University of Oxford, Ph.D. in International Development Consultant, University of Manchester, 2018
No:1 - Clarence Streit and the Intellectual Origins of the Atlantic Alliance by Dr. Charlie Laderman
Cambridge University, Ph.D. in International History, 2017